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Why choose SMACRO?

SMACRO uniquely combines the privacy of at home testing and the needed expertise of professional analysis. Other home sperm tests require the sacrifice of accuracy, SMACRO does not.

Simply record video through the microscope, send the digital copy to us, our experts will analyze your sperm and send the results back to you within 24 hours.

  • Test with ease and accuracy in the privacy of your home
  • Professional screening for all male fertility parameters
  • All inclusive package, no hidden fees or charges
  • Comes with simple instructions to help you get quick results

SMACRO is a compact and professional optical microscope specially designed for any smart phones or tablet. It’s assembly from professional parts (eyepiece and objectives lens that used in real microscope) that’s give you not only higher magnification also high resolution to count your sperm count as we do it in real lab.

High quality microscopes determined by the quality and resolution of the picture not only magnification, even very cheap Microscopes can give X500 magnification but SMACRO give you an amazing picture with high quality due to the expensive objectives lens. These kinds of objectives lens are normally used in expensive professional microscopes.

How to use SMACRO?